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Domestic Traveling Registration Terms and Condition

1. Registration notice

1. The tour fees have to be cleared 14 days before the tour; Exceeds the time limit unpaid, will automatic make a withdrawal processing.
2. Tourist request to change schedule after registered the traveling schedule, the travel agency must charge extra cost and the service cost of the loss which produces from this.
3. Customer has to list their state of health when registering; In view of the fact of the tourist's state of health or other reasons, travel agency has the right to accept or not to accept the customer.
4. Child charge standard: 2-11 year old; charged fees according to the child’s fee, above 12 years old; charged fees according to the adult’s fee.

2. The expense includes

1. Fares of interurban traveling listed in schedule.
2. Fees of lodging listed in schedule.
3. Expenses of meals listed in schedule. (not included drinks)
4. First park entrance fee shown in a schedule of MJC Leisure. (Extra fees that has to paid in the park are not included)
5. Tour guide service fee.

3. The expense does not include

1. In train or boat meal expense during journey.
2. Each place airport management construction cost and aviation personal insurance premium.
3. The overload baggage transportation expense.
4. In the hotel drinks, washes clothes, the communication and all personal expenditures.
5. Expenses of other personal activities not listed in the schedule.

4. Tour cancellation money refund

1. When customer request for a tour cancellation, cost of loss is:
  6-4 days before the tour, 20% of the total fee of tour.
  3-1 day(s) before the tour, 50% of the total fee of tour.
  At the same day of the tour, 100% of the total fee of tour.
2. In case after the tourist pays fee but the national policy changes and adjusts prices, the travel agency has the right to adjust the charge; Customer who rejects paying, the travel agency has the right to cancel the tour.
3. The tourist leaves the group voluntarily in the journey or does not participate in some item of tour to move, makes the automatic forfeit. The expenses do not refund to the tourist because the tourist has to bear the responsibility and the loss he/she made.
4. When there is a sudden sickness of a tourist, travel agency refund the money after deducts the cost of loss. Tourist has to pay his/her own treatment fee.
5. Tourist has any accident or property loss when the journey, works out according to the concerned department or hand over to the public security department to investigate. The travel agency provides the essential assistance with every effort, but does not have any responsibility of the accident.