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Kuala Lumpur Morning Tour

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Duration Approx 3 1/2 hrs
Meal Lunch
Tour Fees Adult  RM120
Children  RM80
Group Size Minimum 2 person(s)
Note Driver cum guide
For 7 person above, we have driver with guide


Depart from Hotel
09:20 King’s Palace (Istana Negara) photo stop
09:40 National Museum (Museum Negara)
10:15 National Monument, War Memorial
10:45 National Mosque
11:15 Independence Square
11:45 Chocolate Product Store
13:30 Dismiss

Major Scenic Point:

(1) King’s Palace (Istana Negara)


Surrounded by a beautiful park, green lawns and ponds the King´s Palace, Istana Negara, is the official residence of the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, a Malay title usually translated as "Supreme Head”. You can watch the Palace from outside the main gate where the Royal Guards, dressed in white Malay as well as red British inspired uniforms, are guarding the main gate on horse and on foot.


(2) National Monument, War Memorial (Tugu Negara)


The National Monument stands at 15.54m high, and is made up of a diorama of seven bronze human figures, atop an oblong base; each figure denoting one of seven qualities: courage, leadership, sacrifice, strength, suffering, unity and vigilance.

Kneeling slightly on the rightside of the central figure is a fourth soldier, who is tending to a fifth wounded compatriot. To the front and below these five figures are two fallen enemies.

The monument, which represents the triumph of democracy, was designed by the renowned American sculptor Felix de Weldon.


(3) National Museum (Muzium Negara)


The country's National Museum is located just outside the Lake Gardens along Jalan Damansara and boasts an attractive palatial-styled structure using old Malay architecture.

Its impressive facade is made all the more grand by the huge murals depicting Malaysian culture and history. 

A visitor's experience at the museum begins outside, where some old forms of transportation such as old trains and vintage cars are on display. 

There are also replica of Malay palaces on the grounds. On the inside, many displays and exhibits cover the rich history, culture and traditions of Malaysia. There are also old weapons, currency, arts and crafts, and many more. 

The museum also organises themed exhibitions from time to time.

(4) National Mosque (Masjid Negara)


Masjid Negara, The National Mosque is a uniquely designed building that embodies a contemporary expression of traditional Islamic art.

As with all mosques you are required to take off your shoes (and cover your head if you’re a woman). Make sure you are suitably dressed if you want to go inside. Special robes are provided if you are not appropriately attired.


(5) Independence Square (Dataran Merdeka)


At midnight on 31 August 1957 became Malysia an independent nation. A flag was hoisted on the giant 100 metres (328 ft) flagpole on Merdeka Square, an 8.2 hectare area of great historical interest. Merdeka is Malay for independence and the flag ceremony signified the independence of the country from British rule. Originally this area was the focal point of colonial Kuala Lumpur and was called the Parade Ground and it was in this place the British military parades took place. Today Merdeka Square still is used as the venue for parades and other important national events.

The square is facing the Sultan Abdul Samad Building, one of the old landmarks of Kuala Lumpur. Most of the buildings which surround it date from before and the turn of the century. In one corner of Merdeka Square, in Malay Dataran Merdeka, is an adorable spot with elegant colonnades, colourful beds of flowers and an inviting old ornamental fountain that was brought in from Britain in pieces and assembled in 1897.


  Changes of duration of tour may take place depend on the location of hotel or traffic jams.
  Tour booking is available before 5.30pm of a day before the tour.
  This tour is available from 1st of Jan, 2016 to 31st of Dec, 2016.