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Malacca Historical Tour

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Duration Approx 8 hrs
Meal Baba & Nyonya Cuisine
Tour Fees Adult  RM250
Children  RM180
Group Size Minimum 2 person(s)
Note Driver cum guide
For 7 person above, we have driver with guide


Depart from Hotel
10:00 Dutch Square, A’Famosa, The Stadhuys, St. Paul’s Church, Cheng Hoon Teng’s Temple
12:30 Lunch
13:30 The Baba and Nyonya Heritage
16:00 Dismiss

Major Scenic Point:


(1) Cheng Hoon Teng’s Temple


It’s the oldest Chinese temple in the country. Cheng Hoon Teng translated as "The Abode of the Green Merciful Clouds". A carving on a stone tablet made during the sixth year reign of the Chinese Emperor Kar Keng, in 1801, stated that the temple was named Cheng Hoon (Green Cloud) because all merchants who are blessed with culminating wealth, will make a name for themselves by rising from the green earth to the pure, heavenly cloud.


(2) The Stadhuys


Built in 1650 as the official residence of Dutch Governors and their officers, the edifice is a fine example of Dutch architecture. Preserved in its original structure and form , it now houses the Historic Museum and Ethnography Museum. On display daily are fine traditional bridal costumes and relics from Malacca's glorious past.


(3) A’Famosa


The hallmark of Malacca and perhaps the most photographed subject next to the Stadhuys. Built by the Portuguese in 1511 as a fortress it sustained severe structural damage during the Dutch Invasion. The British East India Company had set to destroy it but timely intervention by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1808 saved what remains of A Famosa today.


(4) The Baba Nyonya Heritage


'Straits Chinese' or the Baba and Nyonya , are Chinese of noble descendants that have adopted much of the Malay culture into theirs. The fusion of culture resulted in distinctives styles of architecture, language, furniture, cuisine and clothing. The heritage museum is housed in two "Baba" ancesteral homes, characterised by classical European columns and brilliantly coloured decorative tiles. On display are intricately carved fittings finished in gold leaf and the lifestyle of the "Babas".The public can now review the heirloom unique to this heritage at a private museum run by the Babas and Nyonyas of Malacca.


  Changes of duration of tour may take place depend on the location of hotel or traffic jams.
  Tour booking is available before 5.30pm of a day before the tour.
  This tour is available from 1st of Jan, 2016 to 31st of Dec, 2016.