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Langkawi Ecotour

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Duration Approx 6 hrs
Meal Lunch
Tour Fees Adult  RM200
Children  RM150
Group Size Minimum 2 person(s)
Note Driver cum guide
For 7 person above, we have driver with guide


Depart from Hotel
09:30 Depart from jetty (hotel)
09:50 Gua Kelawar
11:30 Feed eagles, catch crabs
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Depart from jetty (tour)
13:50 Returned to jetty (hotel)
14:30 Dismiss

Major Scenic Point:

(1) Caves of Langkawi

Your visit to Langkawi is not complete if you do not spend some time exploring, in Indiana Jones' style, some of the finest & mysterious Langkawi caves. Each Langkawi cave has its own unique name and some has its own legend that is told from one generation to the other.
One of it, Gua Kelawar is named after its inhabitants, the Malaysian fruit bats. This Langkawi caves is located along the Kilim River and is only accessible by boat. From the jetty, you can then walk along a wooden platform through a mangrove swamp, leading directly to the cave. The stalactites and stalagmites are of gigantic proportions, forming weird figures reminiscent of other-worldly creatures.

(2) Eagle-feeding

Eagle-Feeding is one of the must-do things in Langkawi. It will be your best magical moment, ever! Where else on earth that you can cast your magic and summon the wild eagles to you? 
"Oh..eagles of the sea. Come to me and bite this munchy offering!" 
Sounded a little bit creepy isn't it? Don't worry - it got nothing to do with magic of any sort, whether black or white. 
It's all started with a boat-trip to the Kilim mangrove area at the northeast tip of Langkawi. 
The large mangrove forest covers about 1,309ha, including the river banks up to the estuary. It is behind Tanjung Rhu beach, set among the sheer stone outcroppings of this beautiful island. 
The weather was warm, blue-skied and sunny. The scenery was spectacular. The boat entered a small cove and then circled the cove while revving its noisy engine. Within minutes, you saw them. 20 to 30 sea-eagles circling the beautiful sky - in a magnificent dance.

(3) Fishing and Crab-catching

You are able to experience how to catch a crab for this tour. Beside that, something more attractive that you not even try it before and it is fishing with a single line without a rod. Why don’t have a try?


  Changes of duration of tour may take place depend on the location of hotel or traffic jams.
  Tour booking is available before 5.30pm of a day before the tour.
  This tour is available from 1st of Jan, 2016 to 31st of Dec, 2016.